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Without a vapor barrier, your crawl space is susceptible to Puget Sound rain and moisture. Water and moisture are highly detrimental to your crawlspace, and can lead to a multitude of issues. A vapor barrier prevents these issues before serious damage can be done to your home or your family’s health.

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What is Vapor Barrier and What Does It Do?

A vapor barrier is a plastic or aluminum sheet installed in your crawl space. It acts as a protective layer, regulating the flow of moisture, and preventing groundwater and rain from entering. Beyond water and moisture protection, vapor barriers provide many benefits, such as improving air quality and protecting the structure of your home.

Vapor barriers are the industry standard for safeguarding your home against moisture and outdoor elements.

Our Vapor Barrier Installation Process

Experience our easy and quick installation process, and you’ll know why we are the best in Puget Sound.

Check Ground Conditions

First, we inspect the ground underneath your crawlspace to make sure the soil is clean and level.

Drain Standing Water

Before we install your vapor barrier, we drain standing water and seal any entry points.

We make sure rodent

contamination and debris are removed before installation.


We install your vapor barrier to your crawl space’s exact measurements so that no air is exchanged between the barrier and crawl space.

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Benefits of a Vapor Barrier For a Crawlspace

In addition to keeping out water, installing a vapor barrier provides homeowners with many additional benefits.

Improves Air Quality

The majority of your home’s air comes up through the crawl space. Without a vapor barrier, excess moisture breeds mold, mildew, and harmful gasses. A vapor barrier will reduce condensation and moisture, providing for better airflow and cleaner air.

Prevents Flooding

Since your crawl space is on top of the soil, it is susceptible to infiltration from groundwater and rain. Water in your crawl space causes major issues, so it is important to use a vapor barrier for protection.

Deters Mold Growth

With unwanted moisture and water comes mold. The best way to prevent a mold infestation is to eliminate the conditions it can thrive in – humidity and moisture.

Energy Efficiency

Between 40-60% of your energy efficiency comes from your crawl space. Standing water or damaged insulation disrupts your crawl space’s ability to regulate temperatures, increasing your heating and cooling bills.

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Attic Cleanup Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Have My Attic Cleaned Professionally?

We recommend you use a team of attic cleaning professionals for multiple reasons. The first reason being we have the proper equipment and tools to get the job done. Secondly, we take the appropriate safety precautions to ensure no one is harmed by bacteria or mold. Lastly, we can address issues beyond what homeowners can fix themselves.

Does Green Attic Offer Attic Cleaning Services?

Yes! At Green Attic, we offer professional attic cleaning and sanitizing services for residents in Puget Sound and surrounding areas.

Can I Clean My Attic Myself?

We don’t recommend cleaning your own attic. We don’t want homeowners putting their own health and safety at risk. Our team has the experience and equipment to effectively and safely clean your attic. Save yourself the hassle and stress of doing it yourself cleaning and call Green Attic.

How Can I Book an Attic Cleanup?

You can schedule your attic cleanup inspection online or call 1(800) 931-1938.

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