Green Attic’s PSE Rebates Program - Save Hundreds on Weatherization!

Get rewarded for weatherizing and insulating your home with Green Attic! Our PSE rebate program provides substantial discounts to customers who upgrade the insulation & air ducts in their attics and crawl space to improve their homes’ energy efficiency. Say goodbye to unnecessary energy loss and hello to lower utility bills. Check your qualifications or contact us to inquire today!

Why Opt For Our PSE Rebates Program?

Reduce the upfront costs of weatherizing your home with instant rebates deducted directly from your invoice! It is an investment you will have to make eventually, so why not save now? You can save 95% on installation alone!

With improved insulation and weatherization, you can enjoy a warmer home in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Weatherizing your home helps seal off air leaks, improve insulation, and reduce energy loss. Your home will be more structurally sound and less prone to damage.

Reducing energy usage through weatherization saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint, lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

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2024 PSE Upgraded Insulation Rebates

The PSE rebate program covers various weatherization upgrades, from attic and crawl space insulation to advanced duct sealing, to enhance your home’s energy efficiency. Learn more about our PSE Rebates.

Weatherization Type Rebate Value Potential Savings (Total Project Cost)
Attic insulation: from R11 or less to R49 or more $1.75 per sq ft Up to 65%
Wall insulation: from R0 to R13 or more $2.50 per sq ft Up to 95%
Floor insulation: from R11 or less to R30 or more $2.50 per sq ft Up to 95%
ENERGY STAR® whole house ventilation (electric-heated) $50 per unit $50 per unit
Prescriptive air sealing (attic and/or floor) $0.20 per sq ft Up to 60%
Prescriptive duct sealing and insulation: R0 to R11+ Up to $1,000 per home Up to 70%
Duct sealing only Up to $550 per home Up to 50%
Advanced duct sealing* Up to $1,250 per home Up to $1,250 per hom

What Are The Qualifications For Green Attic’s PSE Rebate Program?

 To qualify, you must be a PSE residential electric or natural gas customer and use PSE as your primary heating source.

This program only applies to single-family homes of four units or less. Regarding prescribed air sealing and insulation (in attic, floor, and/or walls), incentives apply to site-built homes constructed or permitted before 1990.

For the duct sealing-only incentive, the site-built or manufactured home must be permitted and built before 2001; this cannot be combined with other duct sealing rebates.

You must use a contractor endorsed by PSE as a Recommended Energy Professional (REP) or recognized as a PSE Trade Ally. Utilizing a contractor outside of this network or attempting a DIY attempt is not permitted.

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