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Hearing unexplained noises coming from your attic? Rodents can enter your home through small entry points you didn't even know were there. They commonly come through vents, chimneys, or weak spots in your siding and make their way to your attic. Unfortunately, it is common for homeowners to not discover rodents until it is too late. That’s where we come in! Green Attic offers rodent proofing & exclusion services for homeowners in Snohomish, Pierce, & King Counties.

Rodent Health & Safety Risks

Rodents bring diseases, terrible odors, allergens, and germs that break down into the air. These particles continue to break down over time, becoming smaller and more dangerous. Breathing in these particles can lead to dangerous respiratory issues for you and your family. On top of health risks, mice and rats can chew through electrical wires, insulation, siding, and even walls. At Green Attic, we won’t let your home fall victim to these pesky critters.

We understand the importance of living in a clean and safe home. Our knowledgeable team will restore your attic to a rodent-free state, protecting you and your family from serious illness and disease.


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Rodent Warning Signs

  • Rodent Droppings
  • Urine Stains
  • Animal noises
  • Chewed wires or insulation
  • Nests or beds
  • Scratching

Our Rodent Proofing Process

Preliminary Attic Inspection

Our technicians inspect your attic looking for signs of rodent activity and entry points.

Attic Clean Up

During your attic cleanup, we remove damaged insulation, rodent droppings, rodent nests, debris, and chewed wires. We also discard dead rodents so you don’t have to!

Seal Entry Points

We then seal up all possible entry points. This step is critical as rodents will continue to come back time and time again if your entry points are not properly sealed.


Lastly, we sanitize your attic eliminating harmful bacteria, feces, and odors.

Our process guarantees that your home will remain rodent-free for years to come.

Why Hire a Professional Rodent Proofer?

You may be thinking that you can exterminate rodents yourself. However, using store-bought traps and poison won’t eliminate the problem. Without sanitizing and sealing up entry points, the rodents will keep coming back.

Professional Techniques

Many times insulation is blocking where the rodents are living, making it difficult for homeowners to exterminate them on their own. Our team is trained to determine rodent entry points, as well as clean and sanitize the infested areas.


Sanitization is important when it comes to rodent proofing and exclusion as it eliminates harmful smells, bacteria, and feces. It also keeps the rodents from coming back.

Safety Precautions

Why expose yourself to dangerous toxins when you could leave that to professionals? Our team employs the proper safety precautions and equipment to properly dispose of dead rodents and feces.

Rodent Proofing FAQ

How Do Rodents Get In My Home?

Rodents frequently enter through chimneys, vents, windows, or small openings in your walls or siding. With so many possible entry points, it is quite common for homeowners to experience rodent problems.

Should I Remove Rodents Myself?

No! We do not recommend homeowners dispose of rodents themselves. Our technicians are trained to look for warning signs, seal entry points, and sanitize the infested area, ensuring your home remains rodent-free.

How Do I Know If a Rodent is in My Home?

The most common warning signs of a rodent infestation are scratching, squeaking, animal feces or urine, and chewed insulation or wires. If you suspect that rodents are in your home, call Green Attic right away!

Do You Offer Warranties?

Yes! At Green Attic, we offer a three-year rodent-proofing warranty.

How Can I Book a Rodent Proofing Appointment With Green Attic?

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